The only way to rank well in the search engines these days is to have a lot of high quality links pointing to your site, and now there's finally an easy way to automate getting them...

Having trouble ranking your sites in the search engines? Need more links but tired of the hours and hours spent manually submitting your site to hundreds of directories? Well STOP those manual submissions, BECAUSE ...

I'm about to show you how to...

Submit Your Site To Hundreds
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Dear Friend,

In case you are expecting a lot of fancy graphics of fake software boxes and smiling people who aren't really customers, let me tell you up front that you will not find any on this site.

Look, I'm a programmer, not a marketer or a graphic artist, so let's skip the hype and get right to the point:

If you don't have a lot of one way, quality links pointing at your site
you will NOT rank well in the search engines.

Google figured out a few years ago that the links a site has pointing to it are the best way to judge the quality of that site. Yahoo and MSN soon followed. So if you want to rank in any of the big three, you have to have a lot of links to your site.

Reciprocal links used to work, and they still do have some value, but Google recently changed its algorithm to put even more emphasis on ONE WAY links. So if you want to beat your competition, you need links pointing to your pages from sites that you do not link to.

In addition, the big search engines now look at the content of the page where those links come from. If the linking page's content is related to your site's content, then the link is given more weight. So you need to get links from pages related to your site's content to maximize the value of your links.

Does all of that sound like a lot of work?

IT USED TO BE! But not anymore, because ...

I've developed a software package that makes it INCREDIBLY EASY to submit your site to hundreds of high quality directories related to your site's content!


Instant Link Poster submits you link to hundreds of related directories with ease!


Not Just Directories--222 QUALITY Directories

You're probably already familiar with Google's "PageRank" value that it assigns to web pages. If not, it's simply a number from one to ten that Google uses to gauge the quality and popularity of a site. It's important to get links from sites that have solid PageRank values, since Google visits those sites more often and will find the links to your site faster.

PageRank isn't the only thing that judges the quality of a site, so you don't want to ignore sites that don't have much PageRank if they are quality sites. But it's important that your links be found, and links appearing on sites with solid PageRank will be found much faster.

62% of the sites Instant Link Poster submits to have PageRank!

Here's the breakdown of PageRank for the sites Instant Link Poster submits to:



Keep in mind that these are quality directories, and that almost all of them will review your site before including a link to your site in their directory.

These are one way links that do not require a reciprocal link to the directory!

Maximize Your Linking Power

Instant Link Poster lets you provide 3 seperate link texts (link titles), which it will rotate through as it submits. This ensures that you don't use the same link text for all of the links (which the search engines consider spammy).

You can specify up to 3 sets of keywords to search the massive database of 63,552 link categories. Instant Link Poster will return the matching categories and let you submit to all of them at once.

Also, Instant Link Poster keeps track of where you've already submitted each link so you don't accidentally submit the same link to the same directory multiple times.

The Proof Is In The Results

The snapshot below was taken just days after submitting one of my sites using Instant Link Poster:

In that same short period of time MSN (Live) had already picked up some of the links:

In just days the search engines visit
the directories and start picking up the links!


It Works, And It Works FAST

As you can see from the above snapshots, Instant Link Poster works fast. In a few days and weeks you can start to see your link popularity growing. It's a real shot in the arm to help kick-start new sites or to bolster rankings for existing web sites.

If you're serious about your search engine rankings and link popularity, you will download Instant Link Poster right now and start seeing the benefits of its power on your web sites.

System Requirements

Instant Link Poster requires a computer running Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP with at least 128MB of RAM.



Were you hoping this
software was for sale?

I know this page looks like a sales page (well, it IS a sales page), but this software is not for sale. This software is ONLY available to members of my mailing list, and ONLY given as a special bonus offer for products that I strongly recommend.

If you'd like to get a copy of this software, then sign up for my mailing list at my blog and when the "next big thing" gets recommended to you with Instant Link Poster as a bonus offer, take me up on it! :)

And I'll even give you $371 in free bonuses gifts for signing up to the mailing list. How's that for a win-win situation?



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